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Spring PSAT 10th grade

March 01, 2022
By LPA staff

To All 10th grade students:

PSAT 10 Test Day Instructions

Please follow the instructions below to ensure the best possible conditions for your test day on Thursday, March 3, 2022:

Arrive at Cotton Hall no later than 8:30 a.m..  

Cotton Hall is the black and white building across the street from the new campus. It has the large parking lot.
The address is  

140 Carolina Crossing Dr.  York, SC 29745.

Phones/smart watches/wireless earbuds must be turned off before entering the building.  All electronic devices will be taken up and placed in a sealed bag for the duration of the test.  All such devices will be returned upon the completion of the test.

Please enter the door to the left via the front porch.  

Please bring:

A scientific or graphing calculator with good working batteries (extra batteries are suggested)

At least two (2) #2 pencils with good erasers

A snack (energy bar) and water for the 5 minute breaks (2) during testing

 No scratch paper will be allowed.  Students can use their test booklets for computations; however, all answers must be recorded on the answer document.

Testing will begin at 8:30 sharp and should end at approximately 12:15 if all testers are seated on time.

 Please call (803) 631-5253 or email with any questions or concerns.

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