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The significant difference between the typical modern school and the University Model School (UMS) is the critical contribution of parent involvement. Through love, patience, and faith sharing, parents can disciple their children, using academic education as a vehicle.

In Deuteronomy chapter 6, Scripture clearly tasks the parents, especially fathers, with the responsibility for moral education that is centered around the Creator God. Lake Pointe intentionally chose to operate by the University Model in order to give relational face-time and conversational interaction back to the parent-student relationship. Here is a simplified outline of how the model works:

  • Students split their time between school classroom experiences and time invested in the home with the parent(s)' assistance.
  • Classroom teachers and parent co-teachers work together to assist the student to learn, to think, and to persevere.
  • Students in grades K5-6 attend on-campus classes on Tuesday/Thursday, while grades 7-12 have a Mon./Wed./Fri. schedule
  • The alternate days, the student spends at home, working under a parent's direction on assignments from the classroom teacher
  • The student comes to class prepared for the session and with something to contribute to the group. 
  • More importantly, the parent has had the chance to model and to impart love, wisdom, and faith in the process.