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When it comes to sports, people often have questions.

Here are some of those most frequently asked.

It’s not an Italian sauce. That would be marinara. Great for dipping; lousy mascot. Nor is it a marionette. That’s Pinocchio. Also, not a beach-landing soldier. That’d be a marine; hoo-rah!

A Mariner is...
a sea-going voyager
who leaves the shore’s safety and comfort
to heed his Captain’s call and purpose.
Not a sailor for conquest,nor a pirate for plunder,
a mariner transports a precious cargo:
light to a dark world.

Against pounding waves and a rising, angry tide,
the mariner sails with the power
of an unseen wind.

A loyal crew member,
a mariner serves a unique, vital role
in a body of sailors
who depend upon each other.
Venturing confidently in calm or squall,
no one is better qualified than a mariner
who trusts the one Captain who has the power to calm storms.
“Man overboard” is a call to highest duty.
A mariner willingly risks all to bring the lost safely aboard.
And no one celebrates a rescue like a victorious mariner and his Captain.

Athletics are an important part of the overall discipleship-oriented program at LPA. God designed man to be physical and He created people to live and to contribute in community. Both of these human faculties, and others, can be developed within team sports. Since athletic competition captures the passions of students -- and indeed of American culture -- sports offer a great opportunity for teaching and reaching. The Apostle Paul found this to be true of the Greeks and Romans, when he wrote his epistles about "running the race" and "fighting in such a way as not beating the air." As with all aspects of Lake Pointe's program, the same mission applies.

Yes. Lake Pointe's "Mariner" teams compete in the athletic league of the South Carolina Association of Christian Schools (SCACS) at the 2-A level. In addition, LPA competes against various other area public and private schools in non-conference play. For more information on SCACS sports, click here.

Mariner sports teams include Cross Country, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, and Golf.

Because of the student numbers, playing fields, and associated costs required, there are no plans to offer football, baseball, or softball through LPA.

Without a doubt, the top challenge is breaking through American culture's attitudes and clutches into sports. Becuse of the passions involved in sports, and the win-at-all-costs philosophy, people often eroneously think somehow that "sports are different" and that sports are outside of one's faith. Not true.  All Scriptural admonitions apply, in physical expression, use of the tongue, etc.

A second challenge is when some people think that Christian sports should be "nice" and "fair" like something in recreational leagues. LPA plays competitive sports, and seeks to do it in a way that honors the Lord Jesus, the athletes, and other people.

Currently, Lake Pointe uses outside facilities in the local area for most sports. Future drawn plans call drawn for a campus gym. Cross Country practices and meets are held on campus. For more information on LPA's sports facilities, click here.

Depending upon the sport, travel between competitions varies. Since Christian schools tend to be spread out, conference and regional play leads In addition to local matches, Mariner teams south to the Columbia, Union, and Chester, plus the Anderson, Greenville, and Spartanburg areas, north to Hickory and Gastonia, and east to Lancaster, Pageland, and Cheraw. Tournaments have taken teams to various parts of the state.