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The unique schedule of the University Model School (UMS) directly and positively affects family costs. By having elementary and secondary classes meet on alternating days, twice the number of students can use the same facility compared to a traditional program. This efficiency allows the UMS school tuition to be significantly less than traditional private schools. Of course, there's a real level of "sweat equity" that lowers the tuition cost, since the parents are contributing their time and involvement in their child's learning in ways they wouldn't in a traditional school model.

Due to the unique nature of the University Model School, families have two ways to approach affording Lake Pointe:

1. Full-time students receive the lowest tuition rate by qualifying for various, tiered tuition incentives.

2. Individual courses are available to home schooled students seeking college-preparatory core subjects and electives. (The exception is the grammar school level, K5-4th grade, in which students must take the four core courses as an integrated block.)

Tuition Deposit

A tuition deposit of 10% is required, along with all fees, for registration. This payment  is non-refundable unless the course is cancelled or substantially changed by the academy. 

Enrollment and Registration Fees

Student Administration Fee

Each year, this $250 fee applies to each student. This non-refundable fee covers expenses the school is charged per student, regardless of how many courses are taken, such as student insurance and association fees.

Grade Level Fees

This fee covers costs related to successfully running each grade level.  It includes materials and training, elementary learning logs, book rentals for class sets, Stanford and PSAT testing, secondary retreats, up to two transcripts, and graduation.

Science, Arts, and Technology course fees

These courses require special materials not otherwise covered. Please see Tuition and Fees Schedule.

Book costs

While the academy provides literature reading copies and other classroom sets, families are responsible for other materials. Many are used for multiple years. Most families purchase used copies. Books may cost $200-$300 average per student if purchased new.

Extra-curricular Activity Fees

Sports and Club fees (outside of a class) vary by the activity, and apply only to those participating in those activities.

       * All fees must be paid in full at the time of registration. 

One time only fees for new student families
  • New family application fee
    This $250 one-time, non-refundable fee covers the entire family application The application fee applies only to new family applicants and does not apply to returning LPA students or families.
  • Placement tests ($25 per each additional student) are a one time charge, and are required for math and language arts.
  • Training Fees for NEW Family: $155 (one time charge, approximate)