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"Tell me about your school." This is something people often say when they phone, write, or stop by, but because of LPA's unique, interwoven qualtiies, this is difficult to do in a short conversation. For this reason, we work diligently to help prospective families to understand the mission, opportunities, and operations of Lake Pointe's ministry. Please browse this web site to get general information.

Registration for the 2017-2018 year has ended,

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For the best understanding of what makes LPA a unique blend of education and parent involvement, we invite interested families to attend one of the enrollment season's "Discover Lake Pointe" info meetings, which run monthly from November to May, except for December.

These presentations are designed to help families learn the "FACETS" (Focus, Approach, and Content distinctives for LPA's Engaged parents, Teachers, and Studetns. This examination of the mission, core values, and distinctive culture provides a peek into the heart and soul of Lake Pointe's educational ministry, as well as to better understand the logistics, distinctions, and reasons involved in the University Model. Attending one of these sessions is a vital and mandatory first step in LPA's admissions process. The goal is to protect families' time and resources by ensuring each understands what Lake Pointe's program is -- and what it isn't. For an overview of the complete admissions process, click here

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