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Grades 9-12

In terms of progression, grammar students learn facts, middle grades students learn logic and application of facts.

High school students then engage an honors curriculum to become confident communicators of those facts and ideas.

Lake Pointe's college-prep diploma options meet and exceed the college entrance standards set by the SC Commission on Higher Education. We believe that, whether or not students apply immediately to college, their diploma should deliver the credentials to qualify for college entrance.

90%-plus of LPA graduates go on to four-year colleges and universities, where their skills and their developed, practiced academic disciplines and time management greatly assist in their academic success.

Beyond academics, the LPA high school curriculum provides experience and confidence in the following:

  • Liberal Arts curriculum, with full core-subject exercise
  • Christian worldview and biblical integration within subjects
  • Bible and ministry prep training courses
  • Classical influences, including Latin language study, formal logic, and communication skills
  • Underlying threads, from personal presentation and debate, to research writing and skills in discourse.