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Details and updates on Lake Pointe activities

Evening of Economics

April 08, 2024
By staff

Evening Economics program for students and parents

A special presentation and Q&A session this Tuesday night. 
Sponsored by the senior econ class, this is a chance to learn more about the current American and world economic situations.   
Dr. Pantousco has assembled this special presentation and Q&A session to allow parents to have a shared experience as a catalyst for further family discussion. 
We hope you find it helpful, and we hope you will bring questions that are important to you, your family, and your generation.


Evening of Economics

With Dr. Lou Pantousco
Long time LPA instructor and coach, retired economics professor, author and speaker.
Tue. April 16  @ 7:00 pm
    30 minute presentation
    + 30 to 60 minutes Q & A
A presentation of current economics in the nation and world and valuable Q & A, 
Sponsored by the senior class econ class for parents and students, grades 7-12.  
•    What’s really happening 
in the US economy?
•    Is inflation here to stay?
•    Is the Federal Debt too much 
out of control?
•    How does the economic path forward look?

   Bring your questions!
•    What is the likely impact of college loan debt forgiveness programs? 
•    Why are some states thriving,
while others are sputtering? 
•    Does inflation ever reverse itself?

Dr. Lou Pantuosco 
•    Winthrop Univ. Professor Emeritus
in Economics and Former Chair of Accounting Finance and Economics
•    PhD in Economics;   MBA in Finance
•    AFA in Financial Advising

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