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Registration closure and late admissions

Thank you for your interest in Lake Pointe. We appreciate your consideration and the opportunity to serve you!

  • Each year, Lake Pointe ends receipt of applications on June 01, so that enrollment is complete by June 30.
  • Especially to those who discover the educational ministry on the later side, we acknowledge that this earlier-than-traditional cut-off is unusual, compared to other private schools.
  • We truly are sorry for any inconvenience, especially if someone has previously stoked your interest in our program.
  • We don't ask you to completely understand our approach, but we humbly submit that the early cut-off is necessary for our academy to pursue its mission well. Applications have to be received by June 01 so that the academy's intentional admissions process can be completed by the end of June. July is poured into preparation, parent training, and other activities to serve families well. Other reasons are placed below.

If you are interested in Lake Pointe, but are reading this message in June or later, we invite you to get the jump on the next academic year by registering to attend our first information presentation, which occurs in November.
And feel free to share your email address to be contacted as soon as dates are known.

Email to

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Perhaps. But please know those cases are indeed rare and exceptional cases.

Our admissions team is willing to receive and to consider late enrollment exception appeals.
Our academy operates upon three pillars.
The more a family has experience in each of these three pillars, the more likely an exception might be made.

  • Passionate experience in discipleship through academic and related studies.
  • University Model experience, with its alternating day schedule and at-home, strong parent involvement.
  • Experience with classical content and approaches.
  • The more a family is familiar with the academy's programs, bypassing the needs for training, the better the chance for exception.

If you feel your family warrants an exception review, please contact the registrar at, and share your story.
We can't promise an affirmative answer, but we will promise a thoughtful and prayerful review and response.

Great question! The simple answer is that our program operates with much better quality and with more peace for our families and faculty, when we use the entire month of July to prepare for the coming school year.

We don't ask anyone to completely understand this difference. As with other University Model schools, however, we have found that the June cut-off makes it possible to best onboard and support those new families who are registered by June. It brings everyone more joy, peace, and contentment.

We hate, hate, hate telling good people "no."
We hate it.
But experience is a firm teacher.

Here are a few reasons for our choosing to end registration in June.

  1. Preparation time
    Lake Pointe's educational ministry is based upon a high level of parent involvement and student engagement.  When families come late to the process, they are not ultimately served well, and the students arrive at a disadvantage. The early cut-off helps protect families by ensuring they receive essential training and support -- and the best possible experience at the academy.
  2. Shortcuts tend to hurt people and deflate success
    We can’t fully explain why, but when we follow our cautious admissions process well, peace and pleasant fruit is more likely for everyone, especially you the parent. Consequently, when we allow shortcuts, we tend to wind up with dissatisfaction and frustration, and a lot more effort, in families and the teachers who serve them.
  3. Lake Pointe starts earlier than most area schools
    The early August beginning moves every other deadline forward.
  4. Parent and student training
    Our program requires significant training for many grade levels and courses, which must be scheduled and completed earlier
  5. Summer academic work
    Depending upon the grade level, students have assigned math exercises and summer reading to do. Registering later can put undo pressure on the student, or encourage instances in which the preparation is not completed well.
  6. July faculty / staff planning and training produces fruit in August through May
    All summer, every year, Lake Pointe faculty members seek program improvement though extensive planning and training. We owe those families who are enrolled our best efforts and results.
  7. The cut-off is an exercise in contentment
    Every year, there is the temptation to want more. And, including more families is a good thing! We are learning to yield to being content with what the Lord has provided. Each year, He brings us a quality harvest of families, and we are trying to both rejoice and rest in that opportunity.


While having to wait for the next enrollment season before starting, can be disappointing, families who have been patient to wait for the next year tend to have the much better experience when they do start.  The staff can make curriculum suggestions that assist families to best prepare for entry to Lake Pointe.