• 5th graders "dig into" field trip

    5th grade scientists traveled around the lake to the Museum of York County for an amazing field trip. Assisted by the excellent museum staff and its facilities, the students "dug" into fossilization and the study of bones in the naturalist center. 


  • Chess chairmen of the board

    Mr. Spratley played multiple students -- at the same time -- while encouraging others in the complexity and the thinking of the game. The occasion was the secondary program's September math and chess event.

  • Celebrating the nations!

    Nations and Missions emphasis week brought attention to God's diversity and His love for all peoples. Students, teachers, parents, visitors, and missionaries highlighted peoples and their needs in Indonesia, Pakistan, Papa New Guinea, Japan, El Salvador, India, and other nations.

  • Growing in praise

    New students this year added enthusiasm -- and numbers -- to the secondary student praise team. Two groups are now involved, in rotation, under Mr. Fleming's direction.

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