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Details and updates on Lake Pointe activities


Inclement weather

January 15, 2022
By LPA staff

The following message addresses weather, Covid, and assignments.

1.      Sunday, the forecast continues to indicate a 100% chance of snow, ice, and rain – including expected accumulation.

The forecast hasn’t changed in the past few days, but rather has escalated to a severe winter weather watch.

So that everyone can plan well:

we are cancelling Monday’s on-campus schedule, and converting Monday to an at-home assignment day, according to LPA’s inclement weather plan. Secondary students have assignments. It is not a “free day,” and therefore no make-up day.

A copy of the weather plan will be emailed separately, later today. Teachers were briefed this week at our term work day.

2.      Covid-positive and exposure cases have many secondary students home this week, as is true with all schools.

a.      A snow day offers students a chance to be separated from each other, to lower the absentee student number.

b.      Please honor this goal, by not having students to collect in houses and activities, while students are off campus.

3.      Because of this dual set of goals, Monday, Jan. 17 is proclaimed “SnoVid Day.”


-    Below are our expectations at this point.

-    According to conditions, Tuesday and Wednesday may be adjusted.

-    Monday, however, is set. There will be NO students on campus Monday.


Jan. 15-16


Jan. 17


Jan. 18


Jan. 19


Inclement weather
frozen precip. expected.

Be safe!


We expect residual ice and snow in the morning.

Campus closed

Possible residual re-frozen ice on morning roads, triggering delayed start.

If residual re-frozen ice on morning roads, probably delayed start.



Regular at-home day


Probable delayed start

 1 to 2 hours with abbreviated schedule


Expect Regular

at home day



Inclement weather day All assignments convert
to at-home assignments


Campus definitely closed.

Expect Regular

at home day

Expect regular
on-campus day.

Possible delayed start if conditions remail Will assess conditions Monday and Tuesday. 




Since sports activities occur during the warmer hours, look for updates/ announcements Monday and Tuesday mornings to address events that day



Questions? Reach out:    Sec     Gina.Brewer@LakePointeAcademy.ORG
                                         EL       Julie DeSa@LakePointeAcademy.ORG



Thank you,  Louis Lemmon




1.      I have communicated with other area schools. Most are closed Monday, Jan. 17 for MLK jr. Day anyway.


Practices 3:45 -5:45

Sunset mon 5:37


33 of 133






Questions? Please reach out:






Thank you,


Louis Lemmon





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