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Details and updates on Lake Pointe activities


Guatemala Christmas event Oct. 16, 2020

October 13, 2020
By LPA staff


All elementary students,
All secondary students,
All  parents are invited to participate!

When?      Friday, October 16th, 1:15-3:30 is our pack-the-bag day!! 



Elementary and Secondary Students will partner together in our annual Guatemala Christmas pack-the bag event.  Students will work together to collect supplies so we can fill up bags (Cheer Packs) full of goodies, salvation inserts, and the gospel of John.  These will be sent to children in Guatemala.  Mike Parker, the director at Clubhouse Guatemala, will speak during Connections and during the afternoon event on Oct 16th.  After sharing about the ministry, Mr. Parker will help us pack the bags and will take our filled Cheer Packs to Tennessee that afternoon.

Secondary students and Elementary students will meet outside to pack and pray over Christmas bags going to Guatemala. We are asking for specific items to be donated in the weeks leading up to our packing day. (Our goal is to fill and ship 130 bags.  However, last year we were able to fill around 180, and with additional bags from a church, we sent out 211!)


Elementary students/families can also participate in 4 ways:

Bring in a 2 gallon ziplock bag (from home or from the front desk) filled with one of each of the items listed below

Send in any supplies from the list below

Send in a check written out to Lake Pointe Academy to be used for purchasing supplies

Send in a check to Clubhouse Ministries that can go towards shipping or shoes


Please help us by bringing in donations: 

-Supplies needed (listed below) to fill the bags AND

-$5 to ship each bag. ( if you would also like a child to receive a new pair of shoes, a $20 donation will cover both shipping and shoes). (130 bags x $5 shipping is $650, so anything over $650 allows us to give these children shoes.) 

Checks can be made out to Clubhouse Ministries. 

-The next 3 Wednesday hot lunches will also be used to help offset the costs of shipping the bags.


October 5th-October 14th: SEND IN DONATIONS! (These will be collected in boxes in Lake Pointe’s main lobby.)


Oct. 14th : We will reassess to see what items we still need

Oct. 16th : All final donations will be turned in to the lobby or at the pack-the-bag event  (including checks written out to Clubhouse Ministries ($5 shipping or $20 shipping and shoes) )


List of items to be donated:


Please bring in enough items for 5 -10 kids.  Specific items are requested from each grade level, but feel free to add items too, especially extra toys (dolls, jacks, dice, deck of cards, harmonica, etch a sketch, flashlight with batteries, necklaces, bracelets, bookmarks, balls -no miniature bouncy balls please- choking hazard)


-K-5th grade – Coloring books, crayons, stuffed animals/dolls and extra toys (items listed above)

-6th grade- Candy (bags of hard candy-no chocolate please), dolls or stuffed animals

-7th grade- Socks, comb or brush, and hair accessories (hair bows, barrettes)

-8th grade- Notebooks, pencils and accessories (erasers, sharpeners)

-9th grade- Coloring books, jump ropes

-10th-11th grade- Toothbrush, toothpaste,

-12th grade- Soap and washcloth, jump ropes 


If you would like to send in monetary donations instead, that would also be a blessing!  We can do the shopping and use your donation for items we need.  

For example, a $10-$20 donation provides 10-20 frisbees, stuffed animals, notebooks, coloring books, balls, or jump ropes!


If you would like to buy in bulk:

- sells many of these items below in bulk. If you order from Amazon Smile and choose Lake Pointe Academy, then Lake Pointe can get credit from your purchase. (For example: it has 24 packs of Crayola 6 pack crayons for $11.96)

-Dollar Tree sells all of these items for a dollar. It has Bible coloring books , sets of toothpaste and toothbrushes and combs and hairbrushes, hair bows, barrettes, bulk sets of pencils, sharpeners and erasers  and 3 packs of soap and 2 pack washcloth all for a dollar. sells a 50-piece car set for $14.80 

-Oriental Trading sells decks of cards for $9.79 per dozen, small notebooks with crosses on them at 24 for $6.69, and cuddly stuffed bears at $19.99 per dozen. has Spanish coloring books.

-Walmart sells Hanes crew socks at 12 pairs for $9.98 and an 18 pack of washcloths for $3.97.

- sells jump ropes inside or has curb pick up (pack of 18 for $12).



Where? Items can be brought to LPA’s main building and can be placed in the various boxes by item and grade level.  Items will be stored in the boxes until Friday, October 16th.


Dress? Dress code for this event will follow NORMAL LPA DRESS. Shorts must come down to the knees, and shirts must have sleeves covering the shoulder.



This bags will be packed outdoors with plenty of space given to students going through the line. 

The activities will allow for students to maintain an arm lengths distance from others. If they want to wear masks they can but they will only be asked to put a mask on when within an arm length away from other students.

We will have hand sanitizers and wipes available on a table outside.

Bathrooms will can be used as normal (no more than 4 people in them at a time).


Parent/Chaperone roles? Distribute items at the various tables and ensure bags have all the necessary items and are ready for shipping.


A link to a video about the Cheer packs and another link to a video showing children receiving their Cheer packs last year is 



Watch “CHEER Packs Promo 17” on Vimeo:


Watch “CHEER Packs Distribution 2017” on Vimeo:


About Christmas in Guatemala :

Two groups of LPA students from two different organizations went on mission trips to Guatemala several summers ago. When there, our students personally witnessed how great the needs were for the children in Guatemala. As a result, for the last four years the Student Service Council has hosted a service project alongside the Clubhouse Guatemala/Clubhouse Ministries organization called “Christmas in Guatemala.” This project enables families at Lake Pointe to partner with other churches and organizations and provide Christmas to children in need in Guatemala.


According to the ministry's web site,

Clubhouse Guatemala was founded with the idea that everyone is created equal in the eyes of God. They choose to share the love of Christ through serving others and helping them to grow in their faith to increase the Harvest of God’s Kingdom. Clubhouse Guatemala is currently serving families in 22 different communities of Guatemala. They have:

• Student Development Centers in 8 communities, working with over 1000 kids and their families on a weekly basis

• Child Sponsorship Program which paves the way for hundreds of personal relationships between US families and Guatemalan families

• Church partners from all over the United States who spend time at the Clubhouse Mission House in Guatemala City and Camp Calvary


Today, Clubhouse is making a huge impact in thousands of lives with ministries such as VBS, Block Parties, Medical Clinics, Home Construction, Water Filter Systems, Chicken Coops, and many other ways.


Clubhouse is a registered Non-Profit in Guatemala and in the United States for the purpose of partnering with Christ-centered companies and individuals to help with the ongoing ministry of Guatemala. 

Our goal is to love people into a true relationship with Jesus Christ.

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