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Details and updates on Lake Pointe activities

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Campus Improvements

December 20, 2021
By LPA staff

Thanks to all the families and faculty members who came out tonight for an update on improvements to the new campus, and the funding needs to compete them.

For those wanting to view the video recording of the event, please click here:

New Campus Update 12/20/2021


New Campus Update 12/20/2021 v. 2

Parent teacher event Tue. Jan. 14, 2019

December 31, 2019
By LPA staff

Tuesday, January 14 will be a day of engagement and support for parents. This event was added to the schedule so that parents can find out what is coming their students’ way for the semester, and how they can best be aware to help.

Click here to open a PDF of the day's schedule

  • What do parents need to know to best help their students in spring semester?
  • That is the goal and filter for topics on the schedule for Jan. 14
  • The gathering is optional for parents, since the event was not on the schedule in advance, but strongly recommended.
  • The day’s schedule is defined by grade levels, so parents of multiples may have an easier time attending, and so that time commitments for all involved are limited..
  • At the heart and middle of the day, we will hold an hour of community prayer.
  • This was an excellent suggestion by Ali Salmon. So often, community members suggest more prayer, but the schedule gets in the way of this desire. This is an intentional step and, regardless of numbers, we are excited to meet and pray.
  • A light, soup lunch will be offered for a fellowship meal. Please RSVP to with a number, so lunch arrangements can be made.

Coffee & Conversation

September 24, 2018
By LPA staff

Conversational "coffees" for the various grade levels are scheduled to enable Lake Pointe parents to come and share their thoughts, suggestions, observations, and experiences with other parents and academy leaders: 

Each coffee will be led by a grade-level supervisor. During these mornings, there will be no child care. Parents should seek care for their younger students elsewhere if they can.

Coffees will take place at drop-off time:

Secondary grades: 8:30-9:30 a.m. 

Elementary grades: 8:15-9:20 a.m.

Fri.    Oct. 5 --  Grades 9th and 10th with Karen Applegate

Wed.  Oct. 10  --  Grades 7th and 8th with Louis Lemmon

Thu.  Oct. 11 --  Grades 5th and 6th with Louis Lemmon

Thu. Oct. 16 --  Grades 3rd and 4th with Staci Jackson

Kindergarten through 2nd Grade with Staci JacksonTue.

Please Note: The coffee for grades 11th and 12th has been rescheduled. Date to be announced. Grade level supervisor Karen Applegate will be joined by guest speaker, Elizabeth Hartley.


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2018-2019 First Week's Event

August 04, 2018
By LPA staff

There's always a lot going on the first week of school. See the following schedule for a breif overview of the week's event:

Monday, August 6th:

8:20 a.m. -2:00 p.m. Secondary First Day and Parent Meeting

     For a detailed schedule of the day, click here

4:00 p.m. -8:00 p.m. Secondary Family Picnic at Westminster Park pavilion.

Tuesday, August 7th:

8:15-3:30 Elementary Co-teacher Training

     For a detailed schedule of the day, click here.

Secondary first At-Home day

Wednesday, August 8th:

8:20-3:30 First Secondary Normal Schedule Day

Thursday, August 9th

8:15-3:35 First Elementary Day

     There will be an extended morning gathering at the beginning of the day, 8:15 a.m.-8:30 a.m., for parents to pray over their students; 3rd-6th grade morning classes will have a slightly abbreviated schedule.

Friday, August 10th

1:15-2:30 First Friday Secondary Student Life Event--Teacher Mania

To see these events in a calendar view, visit the Monthly Calendar page

Used Book Sale

June 07, 2018
By LPA staff

When:  Tuesday, June 26, 10:00 - 2:00 

             Thursday, June 28, 10:00 - 2:00

             Tuesday, July 10, 10:00 - 2:00 

Where:  Lake Pointe Academy

Why: This serves all families who have curriculum to sale as well as families looking to buy used curriculum for the upcoming academic year.



You may drop off your used text books that are listed on the attached book list. If the book is not on the Elementary Book list or Secondary Book list, it cannot be sold at the sale.  

We hope to be able to make updates to some items that have a “Hold” listed before the sale date. Secondary math classes will most likely be able to be updated by the beginning of the sale week. As soon as that happens, the updated lists will be emailed out to you.

All textbooks you desire to sell can be dropped off on Tuesdays or Thursdays between 9 and 3 until Tuesday, June 21th. Please DO NOT bring books the day of the sale. They must be dropped off beforehand.

Each of your books must have an envelope labeled with your name and the cost. Additionaly, please indicate if you will pick up your unsold books or if you would like us to donate them. 

All unsold books must be picked up by Tuesday, July 11th.


If you are shopping, you will need to have cash or check!

Checks will be made directly to the individual selling the book so you may need several checks.

     Tax deductible book donations
Lake Pointe will offer a tax receipt for families who want to donate book list materials to the academy. We will issue deduction receipts for two types of materials that have been on our book list:
1. Those to be used for next year. We will keep these in reserve for new families.
2. Those items that have been removed from the book list. We will attempt to sell these via online sources as a fundraiser. Donations will be processed in similar manner to the receipt offered by Goodwill and other donation-dependent charities. It is the donor’s responsibility to assess and report the donation value.

Questions:  Email: with “Book Sale” in the subject line  - OR -  Phone: 803-631-LAKE (5253)

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Elementary End of the Year Celebration

May 07, 2018
By LPA staff

Come and celebrate the 2017-2018 school year with the elementary students and staff! 

Starting about 10:45 a.m., K5-6th grade students will showcase the fruits of all their hard learning labor in class presentations, and teachers will celebrate the growth they've seen in their students throughout the school year.

As tradition, 6th grade will wrap up the class presentations as the students take their "final walk" through the elementary halls before they move up into secondary. To see a short video of last year's 6th grade walk, click here.

Following the ceremony and 6th grade walk, families are invited to stay for a time of fellowship and games. Chick-Fil-A will be available for purchase--order forms will be sent home in student folders Tuesday, May 8.

For a complete schedule of the last elementary day, click here.


Field Day

April 23, 2018
By LPA staff

Lake Pointe Academy’s Field Day is coming up! We are so excited about this year’s specially planned family-centered event, and we hope that everyone can join us:

The Field Day this year will be Olympic themed! Students will be grouped by which grade they are in. They will design a team flag and then the games shall begin. There will be Olympic based field games, such as the javelin throw and the long jump, and medals will be won!

After our Olympic games, there will be a hamburger/hotdog dinner. Lake Pointe wil provide the drinks, hamburgers, and hotdogs; just bring a side dish or dessert to share!

To finish up the event, there will be a Parent Perfect event. One parent will team with their child(ren) and compete in the All-Sports golf challenge…for more info check out the YouTube video ( Due to time constraints, if you want to participate in this All-Sports golf challenge please email Mr. Miller with your name and the children’s names who are participating (

Who’s invited? All elementary families and teachers!

When is it? Friday, May 4th at 4:00-8:00 PM. The games start around 4:00, and dinner is at 6:00!

Where is it? Camp Canaan Athletic Field and Picnic Pavillion (311 Sand Island Rd, Rock Hill SC)!

***This year Camp Canaan needs everyone who plans to attend to fill out a waiver form. If you plan on attending (if there is any chance), please click the link and fill out the form:

Feel free to contact Mr. Miller at with any questions.

529 Tax Plan Presentation

March 16, 2018
By LPA staff

WHO: All Lake Pointe families are invited

WHAT: As announced at the annual family meeting, Lake Pointe is hosting a special presentation about the changes to the 529 College Savings plan. 

WHEN:Tuesday, March 27 from 7:00 to 8:15 p.m.

To be addressed:

An excellent overview of college funding, in general

How the 529 program helps families save for college

The options of the 529 program, which has no significant risks

How the program can be used for private K/12 tuition with tax deductions in SC

How grandparents and other family members can fund a 529 AND keep control

Comments on legislative action for NC families

Expect a 40 minute presentation, with the balance set aside for Q&A

Our presenter
Ryan White works for Columbia Threadneedle, the company hired to manage South Carolina’s 529 program, called “Future Scholars.” Local investment professionals get their information through this broad management company.

To recap some highlights, congress approved tax law changes in December that allow parents to use funds from their 529 College Savings plan to pay for private K/12 tuition. This is a huge change and a huge benefit and worth discovering straight information on its benefits.

While the program is designed for long term savings, as the law is written, parents can use the 529 program as a “pass through.” Funds deposited in the account can be withdrawn in ten business days to pay for tuition, and that action entitles the family to 7 percent deduction on their SC tax returns, up to $10,000 tuition per child per year.

The tax program changes are in effect for tuition paid in 2018.

SC has already examined the federal law and found no conflicts with state law. It has approved the private school tuition funding.

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Jan. Classical Conf.

December 21, 2017
By LPA staff

Special classical education event to encourage and inform parents and teachers

Lake Pointe is partnering with the Classical Latin School Association, Memoria Press publishers, and Rock Hill’s Providence Classical School to host a regional classical ed conference  

WHO                This opportunity is for all LPA parents and faculty

WHAT               A two day classical education conference with individual sessions
                         Click here for a schedule and lis
t of topics and more info

Session topics were specifically chosen to be informative and encouraging to help parents and instructors to better understand and appreciate classical education, its purposes and benefits, and its methods. LPA was able to influence several topics.

Typically, when this caliber of speakers and sessions  are included in the major summer classical and home school conferences, the attendance fees are in the hundreds, but our shared hosting opportunity means the costs are affordable, and LPA will cover the fees for its parents and teachers from its training budget.  

WHEN              Thursday and Friday, January 04 and 05 (see schedule)
Thursday is 8:00 a.m. to 3:15, with an evening Q&A panel event
                             Friday is 8:1
5 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

WHERE               Providence Classical School is physically hosting the event at Eastside Baptist 
                            318 North Jones Avenue, Rock Hill SC  29730

WHY                 The better we understand the legacy, opportunities, and deep benefits of classical education, the more we can pass these qualities on to our children and the next generation. Since most of us were not educated by classical Christian methods and content, we have to be diligent to be learning and appreciating. Educators and parents frequently talk about wanting students to be “life long learners.” This type of adult learning opportunity is a chance for us to model for students.

HOW               To register to attend, simply click here.

                        * LPA will pay for its faculty and parents to attend. To avoid paying the $20 fee, simply provide the code words “lakepointe” in the coupon area, typing them together as indicated in all lowercase letters.

                        * Because families have plans over the holidays, faculty and parents may choose to come for one day or even a part of the day, according to the provided schedule and individual needs and interests.

                        * On the online registration form, attendees have the option to choose to order a lunch. This is an individual convenience choice and is paid by the person. You are welcome to bring your own lunch.

A Night of Encouragement with Ellen Schuknecht

August 11, 2017
By LPA staff

WHO:       All LPA parents and staff

WHAT:       A presentation on living, laughing, and lasting -- leaving a legacy in the   

                  parent involved University Model

WHEN:       Wednesday, August 23, 2017

                   6:30 p.m. Gathering & fellowship 7:00--8:30 Presentation

WHERE:      Lake Pointe Campus

WHY:          To encourage us all as begin!

                   A good work is still work.

                  Let’s take courage and enjoy!

HOW:        Just make arrangements to join.

Ellen Schuknecht has been an educator since the 1970’s, with experience ranging from early childhood, to high school advising, to mentoring parents. Her heart is to minister to young families in a way that’s real, doable, and helps them find true joy in their life stage.

Special Bonus Opportunity!
Join Ellen at drop off time the next morning, Thurs, Aug. 24 at 8:20 for a special hour of coffee and Q&A. Bring your questions on parenting, discipline, learning, etc.


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Jan. Parent meeting

December 30, 2016
By LPA staff

Tue., Jan. 10, 2017    Parent - Teacher: training & encouragement

On each year’s academic calendar, LPA schedules one or two days for parent training and encouragement activities to start each semester. These days look different from semester to semester, depending upon felt needs. For this year, the academic committee has decided to focus upon very practical and strategic matters, based upon what the parents will face in the new term.

Elementary parents

  • This semester’s activities for elementary parents focus on parent-teacher interaction in strategic subjects.
  • The sessions are scheduled only for the morning on Tuesday, so that parents can get what they need and be done by noon.
  • Elementary middle grade parents (5th and 6th) have a special session with grade level supervisor Shay Wilkerson.

Secondary parents

  • Secondary parents do not need to attend on Monday or Tuesday. There is nothing planned for secondary parents on these January days.
  • Instead, there will be one-hour morning assembly for parents, students, and teachers on the first on-campus day, Wed. Jan. 11.
  • Additionally, for 7th and 8th grade parents, there will be a special session with grade level supervisor Shay Wilkerson to follow the assembly.

The following is the elementary parent-teacher meeting schedule for Tue., Jan. 10

  • The sessions are designed to minimize overlap for parents of multiple students, but since families have differing age combinations, there is no way to eliminate this inconvenience of a parent being asked to be in two places at one time. In cases of schedule conflict, the best general advice is for the parent to go where he or she feels will offer the greatest benefit.
  • The day is for adults, - for parents and teachers to connect, to benefit, and to enjoy. Students will get their chance to come to campus on Thursday’s first day!












to 10:00

Parents meet with
Mrs. Knight



Parents meet with
Mrs. Haese


Parents meet with
Mrs. DeSa



Parents meet with
Mrs. Goodwin

Parents meet with
Mrs. Lunsford



to 11:45




Parents meet with
Mrs. Jackson

Parents meet with
Mrs. Lunsford

Early Middle School Meeting
(Grades 5-6)
with Shay Wilkerson




End of parent involvement


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