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Details and updates on Lake Pointe activities


2020 Elementary fine arts night

December 03, 2020
By LPA staff

Christmas 2020 Elementary fine arts night


We are delighted to celebrate the artistic efforts of your students – and the fruits of those efforts!

Also, we are quite delighted to announce that we will be able to have at least a limited form of in-person audience for the performance. Below are details of the performances and conditions. 

Fine Arts Evening Schedule

3:35      Drama students remain after classes for practice, preparations, and movie with pizza meal

            Supervising as chaperones will be Mr. Gibbons, Mr. Lemmon and other faculty members.

6:00      1st and 2nd grade music students need to arrive at this time, dressed and ready for final preparations.

            Parents are encouraged to view the displayed art work, while wearing masks and social distancing.

6:30      Performance #1              1st and 2nd grade music students perform with music and shadow display          

6:55      End first performance      Families not staying for drama are asked to depart straightaway,
                                           to make room for arriving drama parents.

Any families desiring to remain for the drama, please let us know,
and we will seek to accommodate your request.

7:00      Drama parents arrive       You are encouraged to view displayed art work, while wearing masks and social distancing

7:15      Performance #2              Elementary drama performance:  “Christmas in Reverse”

8:00      End second performance. We will all go home straightaway to celebrate the students’ accomplishments!


Limited attendance procedure

To start, each student is allotted three (3) guests.

You must RSVP, by responding to this email, to let us know you have received this information.

Please let us know if you do not need all three, so that others might use the limited space.

If you need more tickets, please also share this need. We will seek to accommodate needs as best we can, on a first come, first served basis.

Streaming and recording

We plan to live stream the performance and to record it for limited-time posting

We hope this planned provision will honor those who have illness symptoms or other inability to attend, and to include grandparents, out of town relatives, etc. Viewing information links will be shared closer to the show.

Entrance and exit

Everyone will enter with a face covering, practicing social distancing.

Please follow directions for separate entrance and exiting.


Seating for guests will be pre-arranged for family groups, to accommodate the most people.

The distance between groups means that audience members may optionally remove their face masks while seated

Please wear face coverings when out of seats

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