What's a mariner?


What is a Mariner?

It’s not an Italian sauce. That would be marinara. Great for dipping; lousy mascot. Nor is it a marionette. That’s Pinocchio. Also, not a beach-landing soldier. That’d be a marine; hoo-rah!


A Mariner is...

a sea-going voyager
who leaves the shore’s safety and comfort
to heed his Captain’s call and purpose.
Not a sailor for conquest,nor a pirate for plunder,
a mariner transports a precious cargo:

light to a dark world.

Against pounding waves and a rising, angry tide,
the mariner sails with the power
of an unseen wind.

A loyal crew member,
a mariner serves a unique, vital role
in a body of sailors
who depend upon each other.
Venturing confidently in calm or squall,
no one is better qualified than a mariner
who trusts the one Captain who has the power to calm storms.
“Man overboard” is a call to highest duty.
A mariner willingly risks all to bring the lost safely aboard.
And no one celebrates a rescue like a victorious mariner and his Captain.

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