Goals and Benefits

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With so many education choices, does one really matter over another?

As parents make that determination, it's important to consider the family's goals and the potential benefits.

Gift of time with children to forge a legacy

OK, if parents can be honest, children do not always feel like the blessing that God says they are. But perspective puts things right. What will we think about in 10, 20, or even 30 years? Will we care about our ease and convenience, or will we rejoice at the character and depth of our children that is then passed along to our children. Will it matter much that they have a "brag" career and material wealth, or is it more important to see them walking closely with the Lord and leading others to do the same.

Lake Pointe exists as a ministry to help parents to disciple their children, and while that process demands much time, it's worth it -- and it is what we are called to be doing. There is no greater privilege. The University Model gives that time to parents and it also gives the opportunity. Parents are in constant connection and conversation throughout the educational activities, which allows families to pass on their faith, their values, their love, and their work ethic.

(From the NAUMS web site). According to information gathered by pollster George Barna, the most critical period when 94% of all boys and girls come to a saving faith in Christ is before the age of 18, and 90% before the age of 14. Only 6% will make that decision to accept Christ between the age of 18 and their death. Since parents are the most influential factor in this decision, it is vital that models of education exist that keep parents involved with their children during the early, critical years of a child’s education and spiritual formation.

College Preparedness

While it seems like an intangible, isn't this what college prep is all about?

Why do upwards of half of college freshmen drop out of college? It's not because they're dumb. Often it's because they lack the fortitude, the self-control, and the moral character to avoid costly mistakes. If a student has weak academic skills that lead to challenge and frustration, many simply give up.

Lake Pointe graduates have been steeped in biblical integration and application, along with the development of thinking and perspective. This allows them to consider various viewpoints and to weigh them in the balance of truth, as they make right decisions.

As to self-discipine, LPA students have already been following a college-like schedule for years! Walking with a parent's help and then independently, these students are already familiar with the two sides of university study -- class attendance and working on studies outside of class. They are more than ready for college. When Lake Pointe students reach the college campus, they stick and that is a major ingredient for success.

The ramp to success

(From the NAUMS web site) The chart above shows the academic benefit of gradually preparing students for direct entrance into college vs. an approach that requires significant adjustments.  On the left side of this diagram is the number of hours each week students are in a classroom guided by a professional teacher.  On the bottom, from left to right, are the ages of students up to 18, the typical age for high school graduation.The bright yellow portion of this diagram is the additional amount of time the University-Model®, in contrast to the traditional model, gives back to parents.

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