Christian Education

In seeking to be a Christ-centered institution, Lake Pointe focuses on discipleship educational training. The following are some of the simple ways we do so:

  • Jesus Christ is at the center of all our goals and activities. It is for His glory that we exist.
  • Not mere platitudes, the Gospel and His call to "Follow Me" must be the core of Christian education.
  • A biblically-integrated approach seeks to reveal Scriptural Truth along with knowledge.
  • The Bible is used as a learning tool, whose truth comments upon all subjects.
  • Memorization of key Scripture passages to “hide truth in students’ hearts.”
  • History courses reveal the “nature of man” and include Christian church history
  • The same mission drives all campus life, activities and athletics: help parents disciple their children. 
  • Affirmation, correction, and discipline use Scriptural basis to teach right understanding and actions.
  • Grades 7-12 gather each on-campus day in assembly to encourage various aspects of Christian living:
    • Brief messages, activities and games to encourage and teach Scriptural Truth
    • Small group prayer, discussions of Scripture, etc.
    • Visiting and faculty presenters
    • Musical praise, celebrations, and fellowship times
  • An intentional track of “Life and ministry preparation” courses in the secondary program provides distinctive and intentional academic support in discipleship.  
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