Academic Program

Lake Pointe's academic program is arranged and administered according to three developmental learning levels. Often referred to as "The Trivium" or "three paths," this break-down explains how the teaching approaches and expectations are aimed at the student's natural development as God created youngsters.

Grades K-4:   The Grammar level focuses upon facts
Young children simply absorb facts. They love to learn facts and they like to show what they know.

Grades 5-8:   The Logic level focuses upon the "why"
Middle school-aged students are ready for the reasons and the connections between facts.

Grades 9-12:  The Rhetorical level focuses upon presentation
High school young adults are naturally inclined toward discussion, debate, opinion and expression of ideals.

In Lake Pointe's program, the logic stage is divided across the two meeting schedules. The younger logic-level students in 5th and 6th grade are included in the elemementary, while the older, junior high students, attend with the secondary students on their on-campus days.

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