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Grammar School     Grades K5 - 4th

The Grammar years are a time of fun, joy, and exploration as students make new discoveries each day with both their classmates and family. Students begin with the phonetic recognition of letters and sounds of the English language that become the foundation of wonderful classical literature.

As you walk the hallways, you can overhear the classrooms that are often filled with the chanting, laughing, rhyming, singing voices of excited children who are learning new concepts that will lay the foundation of their education. They learn poetry, folktales, and stories of the past; they also write the stories of the present and the future with creativity and innocence. When Lake Pointe students leave fourth grade, their knowledge is bountiful, and their hearts are full of memories that will last a lifetime.

As at traditional five-day schools, grammar school involves teachers, students, and parents. However, the roles of Lake Pointe teachers and parents are unique. The teachers bring a new world to students with an exceptional teacher’s heart to reach the hearts of children and convey passion for the subjects they teach. This takes place in a cutting-edge schedule of classes. Also, particularly unique is the “co-teacher” role of the parent. On satellite campus days during the school year, parents can be found in their home continuing the teaching process with their children. During on-campus school days, parents are often included and involved in the activities, field trips, or recesses. We are a family ministry.

The grammar years of ABC’s and 123’s usually seem to go by fast for parents, but there is great pleasure for all in these rich school years at Lake Pointe.


Click below to see an overview of each specific grade level.

LPA's kindergarten is an enjoyable and exciting year for students to explore and experience the world around them. Some of the curriculum highlights are:

  • A thorough phonics program, Spell-to-Write-and-Read is a learning-to-spell curriculum that teaches phonorgrams, instruction that leads to the building of  fluent independent readers.
  • In math, students will start their education with a firm grasp of the relationships between numbers, using the Singapore math approaches, plus drills and “hands-on” manipulatives.
  • Parents and teachers both lead Bible teaching with K5 students. Memorizing key Bible verses incorporates auditory, visual and repetitive learning.
  • Students are exposed to phonetic readers and also incorporate a wide variety of outstanding classical literature in class. At home, parents continue the goal of training children to have a lifetime love for reading.
  • For penmanship, students start with cursive handwriting in a developmentally appropriate manner, leading them to develop beautiful penmanship skills through daily practice.
  • Frequent breaks and tranistions, in addition to long recess periods, provide young students the chance to be active and social.
  • Students enjoy both outside field trips and special on-campus community helpers" visitors.

First Graders are expanding their horizons in a year of building on what was learned in Kindergarten.  Students will continue to be introduced to classical literature, poetry, and classical masters of the time period.

Math skills continue at an advanced pace, utilizing manipulatives and customized supplemental material to ensure mastery of the material for the students.

Students expand their phonics program in first grade through a phonics program where reading, writing, spelling, grammar, and comprehension are integrated with social studies, drama, and music for a more dynamic program

Scripture will be hidden in the child's heart through various songs, stories, recitation, and actitivies, both on campus and at home.

In handwriting, students continue to develop beautiful penmanship skills through daily practice.

Students enjoy a morning snack and an active recess period, which is repeated at lunch time. Students in K5, 1st, and 2nd grades eat lunch in their classrooms. ,

First-grade students are able to take advantage of electives, including art and music and violin instruction.

Info details to come. There's an exciting story to tell. Thanks for your patience.

Info details to come. There's an exciting story to tell. Thanks for your patience.

Info details to come. There's an exciting story to tell. Thanks for your patience.