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Archives - May 2017

2017 Commencement

May 20, 2017
By Lake Pointe News

The 2017 graduating class was ushered into their next chapter of life Saturday, May 20th through the traditional Lake Pointe Academy ceremony.

Because Lake Pointe places high value on integral parent involvement in a young adult’s education, commencement focused highly on honoring parents and teachers as well as the graduating class. As tradition, class speakers remembered their time at LPA, took time to reflect on the moment of graduation, and looked forward to the future. As Mickey Vensk reflected on the graduate’s history at LPA, she referenced student retreats, classes that stretched and challenged, and countless other opportunities and experiences that they will remember for their life time. The present was presented through Kate Stranathan who captured the tension in the transition from high school to the rest of life. As a challenged, Kate reminded her class and their families to be in the moment even though there may be many unknowns before them. To end the time of graduate speakers, Lauryn Linn looked to the future where the lessons they learned through their time at Lake Pointe would help them succeed in their endeavors.

Following this time of reflection, graduate-selected teachers addressed the graduates. Ms. Connie Bishop, who taught senior-level government, reminded the students that though they will be moving into a time of life where they will take on new responsibilities that they should never forget what they learned in kindergarten—be kind, share abundantly, give hugs, and take naps. As the concluding speaker, Mr. Bill Spratley encouraged the graduates to face fears and take on challenges as they move out into the world.

During the last section of the ceremony, Head of the Board, Melody Miller, and principle, Louis Lemmon, presented the class of 2017 with their diplomas and certificates. Parents were invited on stage as their child’s name was called as a reminder that they were a necessary part to the achievement of their student. Totaling in nineteen students, the class of 2017 is Lake Pointe's largest graduating class to date. Eleven of the nineteen received LPA diplomas, and eight received certificates of completion

A Fine Night for Art

May 11, 2017
By Lake Pointe News

The spring semester’s Fine Arts Night revealed talent across the grade levels. Opening the evening with a wide variety of musical talent, Mrs. Vinson and Mrs. Tyrpak lead the various music classes through a choreographed performance that combined and displayed the differing grade levels’ talent. 1st and 2nd grade music classes lead the way with hymns, sung and performed on the recorder. They were joined on stage by the beginner and intermediate violinists, who continue to play as the younger students exited the stage. The audience was then covered with a medley of songs performed by the advanced elementary and secondary ensembles.

After a small intermission where guests were invited to browse  the visual art displays throughout the building, the elementary drama group, the largest ever, performed the musical "Famous Kids of the Bible," with spirit, spunk, and humor. Through their theatrical display, students graced the LPA campus with the presence of prophets Nathan and Jeremiah, evangelist Rodah, and best friends Jonathan son of Saul and David son of Jessie--all in kid form, of course! These Biblical characters reminded the other performers, as well as the audience, that God values and loves people of all size, age, and position.

Fields of Festivities

May 05, 2017
By Lake Pointe News

The cold and clouds couldn't damper spirits at the annual LPA field day. From parents and students to teachers and staff, the Lake Pointe community came together at Camp Canaan for this last school-wide event. As the games began, teams, composed of elementary classes and headed by secondary student leaders, gathered together with great enthusiasm. Each team donned head bands, arms bands, and team colors and waved their team flag as they competed against one another. After the races and relays, each group enjoyed rotating through various stations coordinated by secondary students that challenged their balance, strength, and team work.

Meanwhile, parents, younger siblings, and teachers enjoyed spectating as they fellowshipped on the side lines wrapped in warm blankets. Afterwards, everyone gathered to enjoy a delicious, covered-dish cookout. Even though the structure time ended, the festivities did not. Pick-up games of soccer and basketball lasted until the sun and temperature began to drop.

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