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Archives - October 2017

MAPs to new skills

October 25, 2017
By Lake Pointe News

This week launched the mini-apprenticeship program (MAP) for secondary students. Fitting into Lake Pointe’s goal to connect students to each other and to adult Christians in Christian fellowship, MAP volunteers, weather LPA staff or parents, teach a small group of student a specific skill set that they cannot learn in the classroom. These groups meet for two or three weeks and at various times throughout the semester to allow students to participate in as many MAP groups as they desire. Though the number of times these groups meet may be comparatively small, the hope of the MAP program is to help cultivate deeper, inter-generational friendships between students and adults that magnify the beauty of a diverse church body. Some of the skill sets that will be taught this semester include cake decorating, basic auto-mechanics, bread making, and camping survival skills.

Fall Time Fun

October 23, 2017
By Lake Pointe News

With beautiful fall-like weather, the Lake Pointe 2017 Fall Festival was a delightful celebration of the season! Elementary families flooded in at the peak of the afternoon. This portion of the day featured face painting, sack races, a bounce house, hay rides, and many other festival games. These activities were ran by secondary student volunteers who not only managed the games but also encouraged and played along with the younger kids.

As the temperature dropped with the sun, secondary students enjoyed an evening of pumpkin carving, pie eating, and yard games. The cooler weather made it just right for a bonfire and line dances.

Overall, there were about 110 tickets sold; about 90% of the profit from the festival will be aiding in this year's student life missions focus--to help build wells in areas without access to clean water!

Guatemala Christmas 2017

October 16, 2017
By Lake Pointe News

Christmas preparations came early to the Lake Pointe campus. LPA students stuffed bags full of goodies and basic hygene products for Clubhouse Ministries, who will distribute them to in-need, Guatemalan children at Christmas time. To add extra love and sentiment, Spanish 2 students (pictured right) wrote a short note for each bag packed. Thanks to the generosity of the LPA community, about 150 bags were stuffed with enough money to ship the presents and to purchase 20 pairs of shoes for Guatemalan children!

Lake Pointe has participated in Guatemala Christmas for the  last several years to the point that this event has become a tradition among the LPA community. It is one that is highly anticipated and prepared for by both elementary and secondary students. In addition to being a great opportunity for students to practice ministring to those in need, Guatemala Christmas afternoon is a fun afternoon for elementary students to spend time with secondary students and vice versa.

After the event, secondary and elementary
students played flag footbal on the school's
front lawn.
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