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Archives - January 2017

4 medieval levels

January 31, 2017
By Lake Pointe News

Middle Ages’ Pecking Order

Second graders recently studied the four medieval levels of social, wealth, and power by making four-level box models. The levels are those closely represented on a chess set.

Using household items, dolls, and Lego bricks to distinguish between royalty, religion, privilege, and peasants is simple, yet profound. Boosted by discussions with both parent and teacher, the six-year-olds got a concrete understanding of status. In stacking boxes, each student saw that people lived in different positions.

Sheriff Dept. report

January 30, 2017
By Lake Pointe News

The York County Sheriff's Department has completed an initial site security assessment of LPA's campus, which is the culmination of almost a year of partnership efforts between the academy and the department.

Begun with the help and encouragement of retired Sheriff Bruce Bryant, the partnership has thus far included having the district’s officers to tour the campus and also providing safety and security training for LPA faculty and staff during professional development days.

Master Deputy Kim Morehouse coordinated the assessment efforts, which included multiple visits to the LPA campus. She also worked with the district lieutenant for the academy's campus and coordinated a joint physical inspection with a York County fire inspection official.

More information about the assessment will be shared at the Feb. 21 Family Vision Meeting.


Tags: safety

Research muscle build

January 27, 2017
By Lake Pointe News

Middle school and high school students launched their annual spring research unit in January.

The multiple-week composition project builds college-necessary research writing skills each year for eight years. The spring semester effort starts with simple reports in grade 5, and continues in increasing expectations through grade 12.

The goal of the continual and incremental exercise is that the student will have strong research composition skills by building that “muscle” a little bit each year.

Yearbook design winners

January 04, 2017
By Lake Pointe News

The academy held a contest to encourage students to design a custom yearbook cover for this year’s memory book. Mrs. Bolin, who serves as yearbook advisor, set up the contest parameters, and a panel of judges reviewed almost twenty entries.

Natalie Salmon earned 1st place with an image that prominently features a compass. Second place was awarded to Abigail Luke, and Connor Moseley placed third. Students were honored at a Connection assembly and received Visa gift cards of $100, $50 and $25 for their efforts. Congratulations to all who participated.

Yearbooks are now on sale and online

To order a copy of the 2016-17 yearbook click here.

Then use Yearbook ID Code: 10135917 for Lake Pointe.

Verizon cell tower

January 03, 2017
By Lake Pointe News

Several in the LPA community have been asking about the construction personnel and equipment on power lines adjacent to the campus. It is authorized. The cellular carrier is leasing access in the utilities corridor from Duke Energy.

Verizon is installing a cell signal/receiver unit on the high tension tower closest to Hands Mill Hwy. Those for whom Verizon is their cell carrier, should prepare to celebrate, as the signal should improve dramatically. AT&T technicians helped to run the phone cable to the tower, so there may be a multiple-carrier arrangement. One can always hope!

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