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Moving Up

March 13, 2019
By Lake Pointe News

This Friday, 6th grade students and parents visited the campus for a glance into secondary school days. After a connection assembly aimed towards connecting the visiting 6th graders to older students, administers and teachers met with 6th grade parents and students to discuss what they can expect in the transition from being on campus two days a week to being on campus three days a week.

To round off their experience, 6th grade students were able to participate in a secondary class and a Friday after school event. 


Living Authentic Faith

September 05, 2018
By Lake Pointe News

Beginning a new yearly discipline, the secondary student body has used the first few weeks' morning gatherings, connection assemblies, and Friday afternoon events to focus on authentic faith. Staff and student leaders have led the student population in studying what God's Word says about fully living out  the Christian faith. This past Friday, students practiced applying what they are learning by brainstorming ways to live authentic faith within the walls of Lake Pointe. Then, next week, students will practice living their faith off campus through service visits to the Rock Hill Palmetto Crisis Pregnancy Center and Morning Side Nursing Home.


Scholarship Gold Interview Skills Workshop

April 13, 2018
By Lake Pointe News

Lake Pointe welcomed Elizabeth Hartley of Scholarship Gold in Lake Wylie Friday afternoon. The Lake Wylie college counseling and scholarship expert led
secondary students in a two hour session to learn and improve interview skills. Part of Lake Pointe's mission is to equip students with ministry, life, and opportunity skills. Through this workshop, students were taught how to identify their communication and relational skills and how to prepare for some of the most common question asked during scholarship, college admissions, and job interviews. 


MAPs to new skills

October 25, 2017
By Lake Pointe News

This week launched the mini-apprenticeship program (MAP) for secondary students. Fitting into Lake Pointe’s goal to connect students to each other and to adult Christians in Christian fellowship, MAP volunteers, weather LPA staff or parents, teach a small group of student a specific skill set that they cannot learn in the classroom. These groups meet for two or three weeks and at various times throughout the semester to allow students to participate in as many MAP groups as they desire. Though the number of times these groups meet may be comparatively small, the hope of the MAP program is to help cultivate deeper, inter-generational friendships between students and adults that magnify the beauty of a diverse church body. Some of the skill sets that will be taught this semester include cake decorating, basic auto-mechanics, bread making, and camping survival skills.

Summer Training Begins

July 06, 2017
By Lake Pointe News
Teacher Victoria O'Leary helps new parents
practice dictating words in SWR format

While summer provides much needed rest and recuperation for staff and families, it is also an important time of preparation for the upcoming school year. In light of this, LPA hosts trainings each summer for LPA’s co-teachers and teacher as well as educators from other schools.

The last week in June marked the beginning of these training session--which will continue up until the start of school. Throughout the week, three key sessions were held. Instructor Ali Salmon lead two section of trainings for new students and parents grades 3rd through 9th focused on the Institution for Excellence in Writing program. On Wednesday, instructor Stephanie Cutshall lead a one day training for the Singapore Math curriculum where parents and teachers alike experienced a hands-on introduction or refresher to the curriculum. Lastly, grade level supervisor Staci Jackson hosted a two day seminar on the Spell to Write to Read curriculum. Along with new parents and teachers, instructors from nearby schools and home-school parents attended this training session as they learned and practiced how to teach the various steps of the program throughout various grade levels.

Each of these training sessions will have a second session during the month of July with the same instructors. Lake Pointe uses these trainings with the aim that every family enters the fall confidently and fully prepared the upcoming school year.

UMS Conference Yields Ideas

July 01, 2017
By Lake Pointe News

Principal Louis Lemmon attended the annual conference for the National Assoc. of University Model Schools in Dallas, TX. He was able to attend a variety of seminars on matters specifically important to the UMS and several particularly pertaining to the Classical Christian UMS.

One of the speakers was Andrew Pudewa, the founder of the Excellence in Writing composition program used in grades 3-8. Mr. Pudewa has agreed to provide training to LPA teachers during their professional days in early August

LPA hosts Jan. 11 classical ed conference

January 13, 2016
By Lake Pointe News

To provide training and a jolt of inspiration, Lake Pointe hosted a Classical Christian Education conference for its teachers, parents, and guests. The January 11 conference, held before the restart of classes for spring semester, featured experienced presenters from Highlands Latin School and Memoria Press. A bonus evening session was held, especially for fathers.

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