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Posts Tagged "spiritual development"

Students Serve Morningside Assisted Living

September 07, 2018
By Lake Pointe News

Satan can seek to amplify the awkwardness felt by teens when around senior citizens. It is a product of modern separation into same age peer groups and the deterioration of the close extended family. So, it was heartwarming to have LPA's largest group ever to bless and serve the residents of Morningside Assisted Living. Students led and sang hymns and resident requests and some students played piano.


Living Authentic Faith

September 05, 2018
By Lake Pointe News

Beginning a new yearly discipline, the secondary student body has used the first few weeks' morning gatherings, connection assemblies, and Friday afternoon events to focus on authentic faith. Staff and student leaders have led the student population in studying what God's Word says about fully living out  the Christian faith. This past Friday, students practiced applying what they are learning by brainstorming ways to live authentic faith within the walls of Lake Pointe. Then, next week, students will practice living their faith off campus through service visits to the Rock Hill Palmetto Crisis Pregnancy Center and Morning Side Nursing Home.



January 08, 2018
By Lake Pointe News


Though temperatures mostly hovered below freezing, secondary students reveled in reconnecting with their classmates during LPA's 11th annual secondary winter retreat at Bethelwoods campgrounds and conference center. The theme of this year's retreat was Reveal; students spent small group time discussing what it meant to reveal matters of the heart. Throughout the rest of the two day retreat, students participated in group activities such as capture the flag, basketball, lip singing, and gathering around the fireplace.

From the Notebook of Mr. Miller

August 25, 2017
By Lake Pointe News

This year's theme verse, Ephesians 4:1-3, has taken a front and center focus in morning gathering devotions for these first few weeks of school. During this time, Mr. Miller has led students and staff in devotional notes about what it means to "walk in a manner worthy of the calling" and how to prepare for the walk.

The following notes are key points Mr. Miller has highlighted in these verses:

Ephesians 4:1-3

“I therefore, a prisoner of the Lord, urge you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called”

Things to Keep In Mind As We Walk:

1. Ephesians 4 takes place after Ephesians 1-3.  Before we can walk according to Paul we must sit in the blessings that we have been given by the Father in Jesus Christ by way of the Spirit (see Ephesians 1:1-3:21). 

2. “I therefore, a prisoner of the Lord”: Paul gives himself as an indirect example of worthy walking.  He is a “prisoner of the Lord”.  Keep in mind that our lives provide those around us with examples.  Look to the people who are walking in worthy manners.  Imitate them.

3. “urge you”: The word in Greek for urge is best translated as “called”.  With this in mind we see that this verse actually uses the concept of “called” three different times.  Paul wants us to be dwelling upon our calling.

4. “to walk in a manner worthy”: The phrase, worthy manner, draws up the picture of scales.  As we put God’s calling on one side of the scales and we drop our lives on the other side there should be a balance.  This should be a sobering concept.  Verses 2-3 tell us some characteristics of “worthy manner walking”; humility, love, peace, unity, patience, and gentleness.

5. “of the calling to which you have been called”: Our two-fold calling can be found in Ephesians 1:18-19.  First, we are called to become a “glorious inheritance” for God Himself.  He is making you into an inheritance for Himself and the descriptors He gives of us is “glorious” and “riches”.  Second, we are called to know the greatness of His power that He has shown to us through the many things He has done on our behalf in Christ Jesus. 

6. How can we live up to this kind of calling?  How can we walk out this calling?  Ephesians 3:14-21 is a prayer that Paul prays on behalf of the Ephesians and any who strive to walk out their calling in Christ.  Strength and power to walk comes from the Spirit of God.  Christ dwells in our hearts through faith.  We are filled with the fullness of God.  Not only does God call us to walk but He gives us the ability and desire to walk.  May we all be strengthened by His Spirit to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which we have been called.  Amen.

Pasta, praise, & prayer

December 11, 2016
By Lake Pointe News

Pasta...Secondary students enjoyed a spaghetti fellowship lunch.

Praise... the LPA worship band led a time of worship.

And prayer...  then students broke into smaller groups for prayer.

The afternoon event saw students rotate around various campus rooms that students decorated for the theme and topic being prayed for -- such as academy teachers/staff, international missions, students, governement leaders, etc

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