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The History of Language

February 19, 2018
By Lake Pointe News

LPA 5th and 6th grade history classes explored the creation and development of language throughout the ages at the JAARS Museum of Language in Waxhaw, NC. As part of their experience, museum staff led them through grade appropriate demonstrations and presentations as the student were able to see and interact with written langauges dating back to Biblical times. As a special bonus, muesum workers printed each student's name in vaious ancient texts that they studied.

Lincoln-Douglas Debates

November 13, 2017
By Lake Pointe News

Secondary history students debated history Friday afternoon in a modified Lincoln-Douglas debate. Topics for the debates came from the time period each grade level is currently studying. Therefore, students not only had to understand their history, they had to affirm or negate the nuances and moralities of their given resolutions about historic events.  Teams followed specific debate structures with time limits, which encouraged students to sharpen their communication skills as they worked to fit as much information and support into a limited amount of time. All students showed great courage and knowledge on stage, and all did a job well done.

4 medieval levels

January 31, 2017
By Lake Pointe News

Middle Ages’ Pecking Order

Second graders recently studied the four medieval levels of social, wealth, and power by making four-level box models. The levels are those closely represented on a chess set.

Using household items, dolls, and Lego bricks to distinguish between royalty, religion, privilege, and peasants is simple, yet profound. Boosted by discussions with both parent and teacher, the six-year-olds got a concrete understanding of status. In stacking boxes, each student saw that people lived in different positions.

An historical event

November 13, 2016
By Lake Pointe News


Elementary students unfold history 

Mayans gazed in wonder at the Hebrew Tabernacle. Egyptians were inspired by the Gettysburg Address. And representatives from various nations and eras of church history reminded the audience that God loves all people groups and that history has a purpose in His plan. Students and teachers combined for a very successful History Night and are to be commended for their efforts.

Grades K5 through six each presented a program on their studies so far this semester. Additionally, various history projects were on display for all the families and extended families to see. Lake Pointe's curriculum uses the teaching of four periods of history: ancient, medieval, early modern, and modern. With one period studied each year, this cycle repeats every four years through 10th grade, after which students study American History and Government.


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