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Latin Class Achieves Honors

April 20, 2018
By Lake Pointe News

All five students in eighth grade Latin earned honors on their National Latin Tests. wo students received maxima cum laude honors, one student received a magna cum laude honors, and two students received cum laude honors. Congratulations!

"in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth..."

March 22, 2018
By Lake Pointe News

...and through his creation we learn much about him! 

With an abundance of creation to study, elementary science students had much to share about God in their science night presentations and displays. Throughout the grades, students have learned about light and dark, animals that crawl on their stomachs and animals that walk on four legs, stars bigger than we can image and atoms smaller than we can see--the list could go on. A job well done to all the students and teachers for a spectacular night!

Artists' Work to Go to State Competition

March 21, 2018
By Lake Pointe News

Congratulations to Catherine Judd and Mikayla Hawley whose art work has been selected by SCACS to be entered into a national competition! Also, congratulations to Avery Denton whose artwork won runner-up in the SCACS state art competition. All three art pieces receieved quality recoginition at the state competition.

Tags: arts, SCACS, secondary

Elementary Art Students Enter SCACS Competition

February 19, 2018
By Lake Pointe News

For the first time, Lake Pointe students are participating in the annual SCACS fine arts competition. Art teacher Mrs. Bolin selected several pieces from last semester's art classes to be entered. Along with their work, students created artist statements to be displayed at the competition. To see these LPA elementary students' work on display, visit the SCACS Fine Arts Festival on March 2 hosted at Hampton Park.

Celebrating Christmas through the Arts

December 11, 2017
By Lake Pointe News

LPA drama students starred in Max Lucado's The Crippled Lamb, which tells the story of a young lamp with a limp who finds his purpose when he witnesses Christ’s birth. Throughout the drama, music student provided support for the performers in short interludes of Christmas hymns and carols. Among the musical performers were the primary grade music and a combined elementary and secondary orchestra. As the grand finale of the evening, guests and students enjoyed warm drinks and bake sale goodies as they walked through art displays created by art classes of all levels.


A Fine Night for Art

May 11, 2017
By Lake Pointe News

The spring semester’s Fine Arts Night revealed talent across the grade levels. Opening the evening with a wide variety of musical talent, Mrs. Vinson and Mrs. Tyrpak lead the various music classes through a choreographed performance that combined and displayed the differing grade levels’ talent. 1st and 2nd grade music classes lead the way with hymns, sung and performed on the recorder. They were joined on stage by the beginner and intermediate violinists, who continue to play as the younger students exited the stage. The audience was then covered with a medley of songs performed by the advanced elementary and secondary ensembles.

After a small intermission where guests were invited to browse  the visual art displays throughout the building, the elementary drama group, the largest ever, performed the musical "Famous Kids of the Bible," with spirit, spunk, and humor. Through their theatrical display, students graced the LPA campus with the presence of prophets Nathan and Jeremiah, evangelist Rodah, and best friends Jonathan son of Saul and David son of Jessie--all in kid form, of course! These Biblical characters reminded the other performers, as well as the audience, that God values and loves people of all size, age, and position.

Yearbook design winners

January 04, 2017
By Lake Pointe News

The academy held a contest to encourage students to design a custom yearbook cover for this year’s memory book. Mrs. Bolin, who serves as yearbook advisor, set up the contest parameters, and a panel of judges reviewed almost twenty entries.

Natalie Salmon earned 1st place with an image that prominently features a compass. Second place was awarded to Abigail Luke, and Connor Moseley placed third. Students were honored at a Connection assembly and received Visa gift cards of $100, $50 and $25 for their efforts. Congratulations to all who participated.

Yearbooks are now on sale and online

To order a copy of the 2016-17 yearbook click here.

Then use Yearbook ID Code: 10135917 for Lake Pointe.

Blended arts program

December 08, 2016
By Lake Pointe News

The Christmas Fine Arts Festival featured a blended program this year. With Mr. Gibbons directing, the actors shared the stage with a variety of student musicians and singers, whose talents and numbers were interspersed throughout the drama, "Christmas in Genesis." 

Performing in different positions during the play, all three levels of the strings classes played, as did the primary music classes and the secondary student orchestra.

Photography and art classes displayed their work in a temporary gallery set up by art teachers, Mrs. Bolin and Mrs. Knight. Highlighted were samples of sculpture, imitations of famous artists' paintings and prints, and other forms. A popular exhibit was a collection of photography that challenged students to recreate settings, mood, and lighting of famous paintings.

Two semester-end shows per year showcase the talents of elementary and secondary students.


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