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Having, knowing, and using clear expectations helps greatly in the academic and ministry training so central to Lake Pointe's mission. Below are copies of polices in which some new and existing families have particular interest.


  • Lake Pointe Academy Handbook 2019-2020

    A handy guide for the Lake Pointe community, this represents a reference collection of the academy's foundations, policies, and procedures -- and the heart motives behind them.

  • Cell Electronics Policies

    What hath smart phones to do with smart students?
    Lake Pointe's mission is to use electronic and communciation devices in ways that promote attention and human relationships, as well as tools for learning.

  • Dress standards

    Do not worry, saying... 'What shall we wear?' (Mt. 6:31)  Parents, students, and others may not be worried about dress, but appearance and wardrobe are important factors to many. These standards express how Lake Pointe currently seeks to cultivate unity, modesty, and honor for all involved.

  • Attendance Policy

    To prepare students for college, life, and ministry, Lake Pointe uses a participatory-style classroom and campus culture, involving consistent in-person interaction.

  • Academic Workload Target

    The amount of time spent in the home satellite classroom will vary according to multiple factors, including grade level, challenge level, and student abilities.

         To view the Elementary at-home workload targets, click here.

         For the Secondary at-home workload target, click here.

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