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Guatemala Christmas

September 19, 2017
By LPA staff

When: Friday, October 13th, 1:15-3:30 pm

What is Guatelmala Christmas?

Two groups of LPA students from two different organizations went on mission trips to Guatemala several summers ago. While there, our students personally witnessed how great the needs were for the children in Guatemala. As a result, for the last two years the Student Council has hosted a service project alongside “Christmas in Guatemala,” a Clubhouse Guatemala/Ministries organization. This project enables families at Lake Pointe to partner with other churches and organizations and provide Christmas to in-need children in Guatemala.

According to the ministry's web site, Clubhouse Guatemala is "sharing, serving, and growing the harvest of Jesus Christ." Clubhouse Guatemala/Ministries is a Christ-centered ministry working to reach the lost of Guatemala and other areas of the world. Their desire is to show the love of Christ by ministering to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the people of Guatemala. Clubhouse Guatemala/Ministries is currently serving Guatemalan families in 13 different communities, with Student Development Centers working with over 1000 kids and their families on a weekly basis. The organization impacts thousands of lives with ministries such as VBS, Block Parties, Medical Clinics, Home Construction, Water Filter Systems, Chicken Coops, and Feeding Centers. Two church plants are in process, and a seminary is now open.

2017 Guatemala Christmas Details:

All secondary and elementary students and families are invited to participate in this event. The actual event will be on October 13th, but the event requires preparation to be done beforehand. We are asking for various "backpack" items as well as $5 shipping cost donations to be brought to LPA main building between October 2nd-October 13th. During the Friday event, secondary and elementary students will team up to fill gallon freezer bags,which will act as our backpacks, with toys, socks, hats, and hygene items. Filled bags will then be sent to Clubhouse Guatemala to be distributed through their ministry.

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