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Used book sale

June 28, 2019
By LPA staff

LPA Annual Used Book Sale:


           Thursday, July 11th from 10-2

           Tuesday, July 16th from 10-2

Where: Lake Pointe Academy

Please indicate if you will pick up your unsold books or if you would like us to donate them.

All unsold books must be picked up by Tuesday, July 23rd.


If you are shopping, you will need to have cash or check!

Checks will be made directly to the individual selling the book so you may need several checks.

Questions: Email: with “Book Sale” in the subject line Phone: 803-631-LAKE (5253)

Why: This serves all families who have curriculum to sell as well as families looking to buy used curriculum for the upcoming academic year.



You may drop off your used text books that are listed on the attached book list. If the book is not listed, it cannot be sold at the sale. Please check our edition and make sure it lines up with the current list.

We hope to be able to make updates to items that have a “Hold” listed before the sale date.

All textbooks you wish to sell can be dropped off on Tuesdays or Thursdays between 9 and 3 until

Tuesday, July 9th.

Please DO NOT bring books the day of the sale. They must be dropped off beforehand.

Each of your books must have an envelope in the front cover with the following information:

Your name Name of Text Book Price

Pick up or donate

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