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BBQ Fundraiser

March 02, 2020
By LPA staff

A BBQ Plate fundraiser to support the Mariner Athletic Program.   You may recall, MAC - Athletic Fundraisers benefit both the Athletic Department and the school 


BBQ Plate fundraiser details below:

Secondary students will receive both BBQ Plate flier (attached), sales summary sheet (attached), and encouraging instruction on Monday. 

There are several important points to note:

                      Sales Price:  $10.00 a plate                         

                      When: March 6 plate pack and pick-up

Plate delivery can be arranged for orders of 10+ plates within a 7 mile radius of LPA unless delivered by the selling student's parent.

To arrange deliveries call committee member Karen Rodgers 803-810-7883.


                        Where: LPA Campus

                        Order Forms: Due Monday morning March 2 with payments (Checks made to:  Lake Pointe Academy, memo: MAC BBQ).

                        Incentive:  Each student that sells 20 plates or more will receive a 10% reward at the conclusion of the BBQ sale.   


Parents are encouraged to help their students with group sales at work or in the community.  

Additionally, parent volunteers are needed to help pack the BBQ plates and help with delivery on Friday, March 6th between 10 and 2, please contact Karen Rodgers at 803-810-7883 or 


Please forward any questions via call or text to Karen Rodgers at 803-810-7883 or myself.

May the Lord continue to bless LPA!


Ken Rodgers

MAC Chair


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