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Registration update

While students currently working through the admissions process have yet to enroll into classes, the following counts by grade levels offer a snapshot of class sizes through July 1.

  • K-5:                11 
  • 1st grade:      11       
  • 2nd grade:     12 
  • 3rd grade:      07 
  • 4th grade:      09 
  • 5th  grade:     07 
  • 6th grade:      10     
  • 7th grade:     10 
  • 8th grade:     11 
  • 9th grade:     09 
  • 10th grade:   10 
  • 11th grade:    17 
  • 12th grade:    07    


Growth within strategic limits

   As Lake Pointe continues a record-setting registration pace for 2012-13, perspective is important. An intentionally small academy that grows is still "small" by education standards. This is a good thing, since the mentoring intention of LPA's teacher-parent-student learning approach and relationships is more handicapped in too large a setting.   


"I don't want my child getting lost!" 

Parents and students alike report that it's harder for teachers to connect or even communicate when classes are too large. Small class sizes are a vital ingredient in the University Model schedule and mentor model of classroom teaching. For this reason, LPA's class rolls are capped as follows: 

  • Elementary: 15
  • Secondary:  18