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The first step in the admissions process:
Attend a mandatory info meeting!

Join us for one of the enrollment season's open houses and info meetings to learn more about LPA for 2015-16 or for the future. These run monthly from November to May, except for December. All presentations are at the LPA campus.

NOV       Tue. Nov. 11, 2014           6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

DEC        No meeting                 (exams, Christmas)

JAN        Tue. Jan. 20, 2015            6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

FEB        Tue. Feb. 10, 2015            6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

               Early registration for accepted new families begins March 17.

MAR       Tue. Mar. 10, 2015            6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

APR        Tue. Apr. 14, 2015            6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

MAY      Tue. May 05, 2015            6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

JUN       Tue. Jun. 02, 2015            6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

PLEASE NOTE: The June meeting is the FINAL OPPORTUNITY for 2015-16 enrollment.

              The final day to submit an application for 2015-16 is June 09, 2015.
           This allows families to complete the family conference, academic counseling,
           and enrollment process by the July 01 final enrollment deadline.


The informational "Preview" session allows parents and students to capture the heart and vision of the school, meet leaders and staff, browse curricula, and get answers to the many questions surrounding the University Model, the classical approach, and the value of a Biblical-worldview education.

This is the starting point for prospective families, and it is mandatory in the admissions process. We want you to understand all sides of these vital areas:
      (1) the University Model approach
      (2) Lake Pointe's mission, culture, and operation
      (3) parents' and students' roles


For an overview of the complete admissions process, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to let someone know I'm coming?
Yes, please do RSVP. It's important to sign up for a particular "Preview" informational meeting so we can adequately prepare. Simply send an e-mail with "information" in the subject heading to: 

When you RSVP, share the following: parents' names, students' names and current grade levels, and phone number (in case something arises at the last moment).

Where is the meeting?
All presentations are held at the LPA campus:
         3168 Hands Mill Highway (Hwy. 274)
         For directions click here.
At the campus, please enter the main building.

Why can't the school just "send us the information" and skip the meeting?
This is a very legitimate question, for which you may not be satisfied with the answer. All we can say is that over the past nine years, we have found these presentations to be crucial in helping families understand Lake Pointe's mission and operation. Other University Model schools with twenty years of experience tell us the same thing. Parents are highly involved in the UMS model, including a great time investment. Parents participate in the home learning, the necessary training to support that co-teaching, and the community-building opportunties within LPA's program. If someone feels their lifestyle's time pressure is too much to visit the campus for an evening, then Lake Pointe is probably not a good fit for the family.

Further, important life decisions generally go better when folks see who they're dealing with, and first impressions and the recommendations of trusted friends and family is helpful. Deuteronomy Chapter 6 tells us the education of our children -- to teach them about the Lord God -- is a command to parents, starting with the fathers. It is therefore a crucial life decision of who a parent might trust to help them in this obedience.

Is this a high pressure sales experience?
Far from it! We've sometimes been accused of "talking people out of coming to LPA." Our goal is to share a clear picture of the opportunities and requirements -- the blessings and the burdens of LPA and the University Model. Some of the stragetic portions of the presentation and interaction are designed to serve as a magnet. Yes, a magnet is generally known for its power of attraction, but that is just one reaction. Two magnets can also push each other away, if oppositely aligned. Our desire in explaining our ministry is to help parents gain clarity, so that they will either want to pursue Lake Pointe with increased interest, or to realize that another education form may be a better fit.

Do both parents need to attend?
It's perfectly fine for one parent to come to a meeting early in the season to scout if Lake Pointe might fit the family's education goals. Because LPA has different focuses, approaches, and content than other schools, however, it's imperative that both spouses interact with the presentation. God created husbands and wives to complement each other in the evaluation and discernment process. What can happen, for example, is that the wife may be sold on the idea after attending. When she shares her excitement, the husband is willing to go along, thinking LPA is basically like other school with similar content. If he does not clearly appreciate the benefits of the Christian, classical, and University Model approaches, this spouse will not fully support the family's venture and will quickly tire when hard effort is required.

Should children attend?
We encourage students to attend if the parents feel it is appropriate. They ask some of the very best questions. Please know that the presentation is geared toward adults, so younger children may become antsy. For babies and toddlers, it is likely best to find a sitter so that mom and dad can focus upon the information presented.   

What about last-minute sign ups
This can usually be worked out. Instead of e-mailing the day of the event, please call the school office at 803-631-5253. 

Do we need to bring anything?
Just something for taking notes. Parents of young children might bring coloring books, silent toys, or books.