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Admissions Procedures

Attend Lake Pointe’s "Preview" meeting.
Families are invited to a discussion of the choices in education today with emphasis on the University Model School. When you attend, you'll receive an admissions packet with information about the unique qualities of this educational alternative. (check dates and times for "Preview")

Follow-ups to the preview meeting.
Families who have already attended a preview meeting are eligible for several follow-up opportunties:

  • Visit campus during a school day and attend a class. Parents may attend alone or with the student.
  • Schedule a conference with an academic advisor or other staff to fully answer questions.
  • Request a meeting with parents of families in similar grade levels and situations.

Prayerfully consider your options.
After the meeting, carefully review the printed materials regarding Lake Pointe Academy. We encourage you to discuss every aspect of this exciting opportunity and pray for discernment regarding the level of involvement that best meets your needs. If you decide to proceed with the admissions process, an application form must be completed for each student.

Schedule a Family Conference.
After reviewing applications, the school will contact you to schedule an individual family conference. The intent is to clarify the roles of parents and students at Lake Pointe Academy. Since University Model Schools are different than other, more familiar education options, this conference is an important step for you to be certain that Lake Pointe Academy is right for your family. Any remaining questions and expectations will be addressed at this time. 

Receive a Letter of Decision.
After the Family Conference, you will receive a letter from Lake Pointe indicating the school’s decision regarding acceptance.

Register for Courses.
Complete a registration form for each student and a family payment form. Follow the registration checklist when completing your paperwork for registration.  Forms, along with the registration fee, will be handled in the order received.

Pay Tuition.
You will receive confirmation of registration and tuition total. Tuition is due before classes begin. You may pay in full at the time of registration, pay in two installments, or pay monthly using FACTS. See Financial Policies for more detailed information.

Attend Parent Orientation and trainings.
Before school begins, parents will attend course specific training and Parent Orientation. At this time, you will be instructed about the specific roles for the grade levels of your student(s).